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Learn emotional freedom.

Emotions are a part of us, and they tell us things. But sometimes it seems like our emotions control us, and when that happens, the results are usually not that good. But there are proven ways to learn to control your emotions so that they are a part of you, and not all of you. 

Be compassionate to yourself

So that you can learn, gain confidence, and reduce anxiety.

Learn to exercise control

So that you are the captain of your own life. 

Learn to connect to others

And let people be a source of joy and not fear. 

We know that the mind and body are connected. Let's work that way.

Think about how relaxed your feel during a massage. Now think about how anxiety can cause us to tap our legs or bite our nails. We know intuitively that our mind and body are connected. Hence the old advice to “just take a deep breath.” 

I utilize a proven methodology called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). In EFT (also sometimes called just ‘Tapping’), you utilize specific types of self-tapping and massage, in combination with guided therapy. 

You know how people can be allergic to foods? In those cases, the body’s immune system overreacts to something it thinks is a threat. Well, our emotional system can do the same thing. Think about a time when you felt an uncontrollable pang of anxiety, fear, or anger. That was your emotions having an “allergic reaction.”

With Emotional Freedom Technique, you learn to reduce negative emotional sensitivity. The “Tapping” connects to your limbic system (the part of the brain that governs reactivity), allowing the therapy to achieve (for many people) greater results, faster.