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Couples & Marriage

Connect better with your partner.

You’re in the right place. We can all learn to better connect with our partners, to love, and to be loved. No one is magically born being a perfect communicator. Not Abraham Lincoln, not Eleanor Roosevelt, not even Jesus. We learn by practice, and we create good habits. 

Learn to listen better

By quieting your thoughts and focusing on your partner.

Learn each other's styles

And learn to engage positively while avoiding the negative triggers.

Learn to ask for what you want

In ways that are positive and healthy, and respects both you and your partner.

When we connect with others, we learn about ourselves. But we can’t truly connect if we are fearful of judgement or anxious about conflict.

I teach practical techniques that you will be able to use right away. There are no “magic bullets” but there can sometimes be easy wins. With intentionality and work, everyone can improve their lives, be happier, and more satisfied.

Are you someone who wants more from your relationship? Are you seeking to enhance the connection with the loving person you chose to share your life with? Maybe things have actually deteriorated to negative energy. Do you want to look forward to coming home to your current relationship space? Do you want the freedom to be the fullness of who you are? If you are that person, are you ready to step up and learn new ways to stretch and grow your relationship? If so, there is hope. Connection, intimacy, and passion, and joy are possible!

My passion is helping couples like you reconnect and celebrate all those parts that brought you together in the first place. Imagine the possibilities when you are able to be the person you are, and to support your partner to be themselves. Come on this journey with me and you’ll find that you are the perfect person to heal your partner’s hidden hurts, and that your partner is ideal to heal yours.